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Computer Forensics

Our certified computer forensic examiner analyzes data while the rules of evidentiary preservation are strictly complied with. Using proven techniques along with best-in-class tools, our forensic examiner can safely retrieve and analyze potential evidentiary data on a computer system, including deleted files. Our experienced computer examiner knows that it is critical that the source data is not altered or damaged during the examination process. We will search for and identify all relevant files, and save them to a forensically sound storage device (such as a hard drive). A complete written report will detail all steps taken during the examination process, pertinent files located during the examination, a description showing where these files were located, and the examiner's final findings. A digital copy showing all pertinent files located by the examiner will also be provided. Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC will provide expert witness testimony in order to provide a clear, concise, and professional description of how the examiner came to the conclusion.

Email is the most widely used form of communication for businesses and individuals today. Businesses rely on email for the most important daily operations of their companies. Many users believe that once email is deleted from their computer it is unrecoverable. This is not always the case since it can be forensically extracted and analyzed even after deletion. Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC will utilize forensic investigative techniques to recover deleted email, calendars and other information from company computers.

Many civil litigation cases call for a neutral third party to become involved in the case and assist in the computer forensic recovery of data from computers. We recognize the importance of a company's intellectual properties, and will perform our examinations to the highest ethical standards. We will then provide our results in a documented manner suitable for your individual case needs.

Internet history can provide a detailed account of what websites a particular user has been accessing during a time period specified. We can also locate search terms that have been entered into various search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc) to determine the actual text the user typed to search for.

With the explosion of social networking, we have the ability to locate communications between individuals on certain social networking websites that remains resident on the computer hard drive.

Cell Phone Forensics

Cell phones have become a huge part of our everyday lives. Our expert has the knowledge and expertise to perform secure forensic examinations on all of your cell phones, Smartphones, PDA's, Tablets, MP3 Players, and GPS Units. Data such as contacts, pictures, videos, audio, text messages, multi-media messages, call logs, GPS locations, Internet activity, wireless Internet connections, installed applications, instant messages, calendars, and emails can all be located and examined. Although it can be more difficult than with a computer digital device, deleted items can also be recovered from these devices.

Human Resources Investigations

Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC will help you ensure that an employee being separated from your company has not removed any data from company computers for their own personal use, including for employment at a competing business. Our experts will assist you with exit interview strategies and investigations that include data recovery forensics. Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC will respond to your company and access an employee's computer system to uncover what they have done with the data. Our experts can determine if the employee has utilized a removable storage device (like a thumb drive) and when they utilized it, have confidential/intellectual property files been accessed without authorization and copied off of the company network, or have personnel/financial documents been accessed and copied off of your network.

Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC will also work with your company to ensure that your employees are not abusing your policies and procedures regarding Internet/computer use. Our experts will determine the employee's Internet history (dates, times, and web sites accessed). These web sites could include; pornographic, personal email, file sharing, instant messaging, social networking, personal finance, on-line auction, and gambling. This information will be gained right from the employee's hard drive, and not rely on network monitoring software. Along with the Internet history information, we can provide images from these web sites, including images that have been deleted.

Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC experts can work with your company to locate malicious/harassing/threatening documents that had been created on, and sent from, the employee's computer, even if the document has been deleted.

Don't let your company be on the losing end of an employee lawsuit or unemployment hearing. Let Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC be there to support you in all your HR needs.

Expert Review

For those attorneys who have an opposing side bring in a computer expert witness, Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC recognizes that you will need your own professional expert review. We will consult with your team as a computer forensics expert witness to ensure the validity and accuracy of opposing counsels' report of their expert's findings. Expert review should be the part of any properly thought out legal strategy.

Secure Drive Wiping & Data Destruction

Electronic data can remain on hard drives for many years. If your business plans on discarding old hard drives, you should consider properly destroying the data contained on them. Without a data destruction plan, your sensitive information (i.e. intellectual property, medical records, credit card information, accounting information, employee personnel information) can all fall into the wrong hands. Even copy machines contain hard drives that will retain your business' sensitive data.

As an added feature to our computer forensics service, Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC gives you the data security you need with hard disk wiping or destruction. We will perform a 3, 4 or 7-pass Department Of Defense (DoD) overwrite depending on your security requirements. Once the data has been destroyed, you will receive documentation confirming the completion.

If you require complete hard drive destruction, Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC will first perform a 7-pass overwrite, and then will physically destroy the hard drive to avoid future use. You will receive documentation confirming the completion of the destruction.