Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC

Peter has extensive experience investigating crimes involving various digital media devices. He is EnCe certified computer examiner through Guidance Software, and has applied his certification training and knowledge to perform hundreds of computer digital forensic examinations over the years.

Peter also has extensive experience, knowledge, and training in the forensic examination and extraction of data from a variety of cell phones/smart phones/tablets/MP3 players/GPS’s/PDA's. Peter has applied this knowledge and experience to perform hundred of examinations on cell phone devices.

Peter has been assigned to the Computer Crimes Unit of the Waterbury Police Department, the Connecticut Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force and the Child Online Sexual Predator Program (COPS) during his law enforcement investigative career. This has allowed him to gain intensive investigative and computer forensic experience and training from the Connecticut State Police, FBI, National White Collar Crime Center, and High Tech Crime Institute, as well as other nationally recognized training organizations.

As an instructor for Connecticut Police Officers Standards and Training Academy, Peter instructs both new police recruits and current police officers on Computer Crime Familiarization. This course provides basic instruction for Police Officers on how to properly investigate computer crimes, secure computer crime scenes, document and seize digital evidence, and maintain chain of custody.

Peter has provided numerous Internet safety/cyber bullying presentations to a variety of groups over the years. Peter continues to receive requests from area schools and seniors groups to provide these presentations to students, parents, and members.

About Us

​The owner of the company, Peter Morgan, EnCE has twenty years of law enforcement, criminal investigative, and computer forensic examination experience in Connecticut. During this time period, he has provided court testimony numerous times in both state criminal and civil courts in Connecticut.

In his career, Peter has led criminal and civil investigations into the downloading/sharing/possessing of child pornography, Internet child sexual predators, cyber harassment (emails, social networking, etc), cyber bullying, financial crimes, identity theft, unauthorized computer/network access, domestic disputes, workplace harassment, intellectual property theft, and a wide variety of other cases. Peter’s criminal investigations have led to the conviction and prison sentences of the suspects involved in those cases.