Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC


Technology Forensics, LLC is now a part of Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC. Please do not hesitate to contact us with all of your digital forensics needs. 


​cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC has a law enforcement trained, experienced, and knowledgeable EnCase certified computer forensic examiner that works with you to recover, preserve and analyze digital media data. Our company can perform computer forensics examinations on computer hard drives, external hard drives, SD cards of any size, thumb/flash drives, and many other digital media devices. Our expertise also includes the forensic examination of cell phone/smart phone/MP3 player/PDA/GPS devices. Once our computer forensics examinations are complete, our findings will be detailed in a comprehensive report and will be explained in a clear and concise manner. We apply an industry standard code of ethics and use state-of-the-art forensic tools to ensure the best possible results. Although Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC is based in Connecticut, we can make arrangements to service any of your computer forensics needs nationwide.

Our computer forensic examiner specializes in the identification, extraction, preservation, analysis and documentation of electronic evidence for use in civil litigation. We provide services to law firms, corporations, government agencies and individuals. We stand behind our findings and are qualified to testify on our findings as a computer forensics expert witness if your case requires it. Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC will also provide expert consultation and testimony in litigation cases. At this time, we will not provide expert testimony in criminal cases, but we will provide consultation services to ensure proper procedures, documentation, and interpretation has been done in the case.

Cyber Recovery Solutions, LLC holds confidentiality and professionalism to the highest standard. All work by our certified computer forensics examiner is performed to the highest level of forensic scrutiny and follows the best-practice procedures currently recommended by leading legal and court standards. We stand by our work and its admissibility in a court of law. All of our computer forensic methods are transparent and well-known in the legal community and can withstand the most intense levels of examination as a computer expert witness.